Keyboard shortcut to change font color in Libreoffice to a specific color

I have to do a fair amount of writing in red and black in the same document. In MS Office I would set a keyboard shortcut to switch between colors so I don’t have to take my hands off the keyboard. Something like Alt+R for red and Alt+B for black.

How can I set up something similar in LibreOffice Writer? I’ve poked around in ToolsCustomizeKeyboard, but I can’t figure it out.

Asked By: Seth


Muru’s suggestion is close, but use Character styles, not Paragraph styles.

  1. Press F11 and click the icon for Character styles.

  2. Right-click Default Style, select New…, and change the font color to red. In the Organizer, name the font color Red, then press OK.

  3. Go to ToolsCustomize, select the Keyboard tab, find Alt+R and select it.

  4. Under Categories, choose Styles/Character. Under Function, select Red. Then click the Modify button.

    customize keyboard

  5. The Character Style for the Default Style is already black, so assign it to Alt+B and press OK.

  6. Finally, select words and press Alt+R.

    change word color

Answered By: Jim K
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