How to navigate to C drive in bash on WSL-Ubuntu?

I’ve installed bash on Ubuntu on Windows feature on Windows 10 and I want to change directory this path on my C: drive:


What should I do ?

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C: in Windows is /mnt/c/ in WSL Ubuntu

In Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) The C: drive is mounted as /mnt/c/, D: is mounted as /mnt/d/ et cetra. Therefore, C:/wamp64/www should be at /mnt/c/wamp64/www. Try:

cd /mnt/c/wamp64/www

in the Ubuntu terminal to go to that folder. Note, the first / before mnt and remember that in Ubuntu file and folder names are case sensitive. So wamp64, WAMP64, wAmP64, and WaMp64 are 4 different folders! See for a bit more on using case sensitive file names in WSL.

Background on /mnt

Windows users not familiar with Ubuntu (Linux in general) may wonder:

What does /mnt stand for?

In Linux almost everything is a file or a folder. /mnt is a folder, /mnt/c is a folder called c inside the folder /mnt.

In Linux partitions (Windows calls them "drives" to confuse us) are mounted in folders generally called "mount points". So in WSL, the "C Drive" is mounted in the c folder inside /mnt folder. /mntis a folder within which other folders are created for the purpose of mounting various partitions. See the link related to mnt below.


On mnt

Hope this helps

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