Evince and fit-to-page mode

After clicking a link in a PDF file, Evince goes back to the “fit-to-page” mode instead of my favorite one, the “full-page-width” mode. It is a bit annoying. How can I change that ? I don’t see anything in the preference.

Asked By: Philippe Gaucher


jpdfbookmarks-2.5.2, this tool can change the default boorkmark’s ‘fit-to-page’ to ‘full-page-width’. I have used this tools to change many pdf files’s default behavior. It’s a little time-consuming. I have no time to change every pdf I read. So I give up and find easy trade-off way.

Evince has a shortcut key ‘w’.
Just tap ‘w’, evince will show in ‘full-page-width’ mode.

Answered By: firo

You can use the "Save Current Settings as Default" menu action to save the current settings and apply them to new documents that don’t have metadata.

Answered By: zhur

In my case, the problem was only seen for some pdf files and "Save Current Settings as Default" did not help. To fix the issue, I only had to set the page size. I used

pdfjam –outfile ‘out.pdf’ –paper a6paper ‘in.pdf’

You can put a4paper for the paper type or any other valid paper type. With the new file ‘out.pdf’, Evince kept the setting ‘Fit Width’ (or whatever) even after a switch to a new page by clicking on a link in the bookmark bar.

Answered By: Dominic108
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