Can I make MPV player to pick up any subtitles available in the folder?

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i’m using this really amazing video player in ubuntu, i just want to make little change in it’s behaviour with subtitles (.srt files)

Default Behaviour

currently MPV shows subtitles which are hard coded in a video file or srt file which is exactly named as the video file, for eg it’ll pick up the subtitle file if the name of video file is video.mkv and name of the subtitle file is , but it won’t pick it up if it’s different.

What I want to achieve

it should pick up any and all the subtitles which are available in the same folder as the video file, automatically

Asked By: Sumeet Deshmukh


SMPlayer is a frontend for various media player programs, defaulting in modern versions to mpv. If you don’t mind using it (since you’d be using mpv with some niceties), it gives this option for selecting subtitles:

enter image description here

It is available in Ubuntu’s repositories, so a sudo apt-get install smplayer is enough to get it.

Answered By: muru

To provide an actual mpv only answer, you can specify the mechanism by which subtitle tracks are loaded in your mpv.conf file located at .config/mpv.conf as explained here in the mpv manual. In your case you would add sub-auto=all.

Answered By: pohuing

If you use mpv from the terminal you can type mpv [name of your file] --sub-files=[name of your srt file].
Actually you can add a list of srt files type man mpv for more info.
Good luck.

Answered By: user628426

In Linux, create a file mpv.conf in ~/.config/mpv and add the following lines:


You can add names of folder where subtitles are (could be a subdirectory within the folder of the movie) separated by :.

Answered By: Guille

I am trying to play an online video from internet using mpv and want to add local subtitle into it.

for eg. mpv 'Video Url'
This code is not working until i add the absolute path of subtitle file

After passing the absolute path of the subtitle file in –sub-file flag, mpv pick up the subtitle file located in my local pc whose having different name from video file name and streaming online video with it.

for eg. mpv --sub-file=/home/UserName/Desktop/ 'Video Url'

Hope This Help :]

Answered By: HeRo
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