How to see process created by specific user in Unix/linux

I want to see list of process created by specific user or group of user in Linux
Can I do it using ps command or is there any other command to achieve this?

To view only the processes owned by a specific user, use the following command:

top -U [username]

Replace the [username] with the required username

If you want to use ps then

ps -u [username]


 ps -ef | grep <username>


ps -efl | grep <username>

for the extended listing

Check out the man ps page for options

Another alternative is to use pstree wchich prints the process tree of the user

pstree <username or pid>
Answered By: Stormvirux

try this one

ps -fp $(pgrep -u <username>)
Answered By: user939407

Note that -e (show all processes) overrides -u and makes it be ignored.

I was passing -e all the time without knowing what the option does, because I usually used ps -ef, and that made -u not work.

So if you want full listing you can keep the -f:


Tested on Ubuntu 22.10,

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