nmcli: How to re-perform IPv6 router solicitation?

This is a Raspberry Pi running 64 bit Raspberry Pi OS bookworm (debian 12.5).

Sometimes when I boot I find that IPv6 hasn’t successfully been set up. The local network has an IPv6 capable border router and the IPv6 networking on the local network is quite ordinary. If I reboot the pi, this will usually fix it, but is there an nmcli invocation that will ask NetworkManager to repeat the router solicitation? Or even to just re-perform the WiFi connection procedure, DHCP and rtsol?

Asked By: nsayer


Run rdisc6, from the "ndisc6" package. NetworkManager will handle the resulting Advertisement in the same way as scheduled unsolicited RAs.

Alternatively, use nmcli con up <name> to completely reconnect the Wi-Fi configuration.

Answered By: u1686_grawity
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