wmctrl move window to workspace

I am trying to use wmctrl to move a window to a workspace.

By wmctrl -l window is

 0x03e00057  9 meer montazo - Google Search — Mozilla Firefox

Command and output is

 /usr/local/bin/wmctrl -v -i 0x03e00057 -t 3
 envir_utf8: 0
 No window was specified.

My understanding is that -i points to the hex id of the window (first field in the output list?), which in my simple mind i am doing here. Where am I astray?

Asked By: Stephen Boston


From the documentation of -t <DESK>:

Move a window that has been specified with the -r action to the desktop <DESK>.


wmctrl -i -r 0x03e00057 -t 3

-i means that any argument that specifies a window is a window ID rather than a substring of the window title. It’s a simple option, not followed by a window ID. It applies to the <WIN> argument of -c, -r, -R`, etc.

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