Can I make Gnome behave and look more like a traditional desktop?

Can I modify Gnome so it behaves more like Gnome2 and other desktops?

One has to go to the activities menu in the corner, click, then click the buckshot pattern at the bottom then see this.

enter image description here

Is there something we can tweak in DConf to make have a bar that shows all of the open applications, not just the one on top? And a menu with applications grouped by category we tier down to?

I need to use Debian and Gnome for a project I am working on, so I don’t have the choice of changing distribution or Desktop environment. Ubuntu made Gnome have a menu bar and menu, so did some other distros, so I am assuming it is possible.

I am looking for something like:

enter image description here

Cinnamon and Mate are both Gnome based things so it should be a few tweaks to something in DConf to bring back an actual menu. That’s what I’m looking for.

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if you install gnome-flashback it will do what you want

GNOME Flashback is a shell for GNOME 3 which was initially called GNOME fallback mode. The desktop layout and the underlying technology is similar to GNOME 2.

Answered By: cinemassacres

@cinemassacres gets the win! However, there were some minor steps I had to figure out, so I am giving a step by step guide below:

enter image description here

Despite the other gnome-flashback stuff in green, you really need to install task-gnome-flashback-desktop as shown. Once done, reboot.

enter image description here
Click the tiny gear in the lower right portion of the screen and choose Flashback.
enter image description here

Gnome 3 libraries are still used underneath, but now you have a fully functional desktop with applications grouped by category and names in a readable font. No more guessing if an image really is the app you need.

Answered By: user3450148
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