lsof output file descriptor with asterisk not documented

When I run lsof I see the output

java      1752736                               user 9995u     sock                0,8       0t0 1432559505 protocol: TCPv6
java      1752736                               user *527u     sock                0,8       0t0 1444900878 protocol: TCPv6

What does the * in front of the file descriptor indicate?

Asked By: lfmunoz


Newer versions of the man page explain it (addressing this issue). Checking out its roff source code (emphasize mine):

The FD column contents constitutes a single field for parsing in
post-processing scripts. FD numbers larger than 9999 are abbreviated
to a * followed by the last three digits
. E.g., 10001 appears as

Answered By: αғsнιη
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