How to locate installation path for software that I am able to open but I do not know the name of?

The title is a bit confusing and I am a bit of a noob when it comes to linux. Basically, I have a form of qBittorrent which did not allow me to use magnet links the convenient way, I would need to copy and paste the magnet link URL. So, I was hoping to purge qBittorrent from my computer, but it did said that qBittorrent is not installed. No problem, I figured I would just install a new version on top of it, expecting this to correct anything. Now, I have 2 different qBittorrents installed, but my computer is only able to identify the one I most recently installed.

So… I am able to open / run the "older" (to me) version of qBittorrent, but it is evidently not called qBittorrent, because running which qbittorrent or whereis qbittorrent only returns the one that I recently installed.

Is it possible to identify the installation path of the "bad" qBittorrent some other way? Again, I am still able to run this program.

OS: elementary OS 6.1 Jólnir

Asked By: Greg Robson


Assuming you can get the process ID (or pid) of the turkey, then, ls -l /proc/{pid}/exe (replacing {pid} with the pid, of course) shows the full path of the executable.

Answered By: GammaZoid

It is a snap. You can list all installed packages through snap by:

snap list

You will find the exact BitTorrent client name listed.

To run it from terminal: snap run program_name_here. The path to installed snap is /snap/bin.

Answered By: GAD3R
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