Is FreeBSD's UNIX Filesystem (UFS) best suited having a microSD storage?

Is FreeBSD’s UNIX Filesystem (UFS) best suited having a microSD storage? I have a Raspberry Pi SOC and microSD is where my FreeBSD is installed and at the same time, storage of my database data and other files.

Asked By: ordinary_guy


UFS is certainly simple to configure, but doesn’t offer as much protection for your data as say, ZFS does. I run my Raspberry Pi on ZFS. Even with a single-device VDEV, having the ZFS check-summing protection is convenient, and also the ZFS snapshots are handy both for system upgrades and easy integration into my existing ZFS-based backup system. With a sufficiently large SD card, setting copies=2 will give data redundancy that is better than single device, although not as good as a multi-device VDEV.

Answered By: Jim L.
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