Is there a way to capture screen when menu bars are opened?

On GNOME, I would like to capture a screen to show a special situation where I am on IDEA IntelliJ, when two menus are opened.

Main Window → Menu Bar 1 → Menu Bar 2

But as soon as I open one of these menu bars, nor the Windows key to call the Capture tool, nor the Print Screen Key will work (there’s no image captured in the images folder).

As if the opening of one menu made GNOME coming entirely modal.
Provided I close the menus, I can use capture and print screen again. But it’s not what I want…

Does a way exist to do a print screen in any situation?

Asked By: Marc Le Bihan

sleep 5; any_console_utility_which_makes_screenshots
Answered By: Artem S. Tashkinov

Many screenshot utils, among them xfce4-screenshooter and mate-screenshot, allow for setting a delay time. That way you have enough time to open said menus.

One of the most basic ones would be:

scrot -d 5

See man scrot

Answered By: FelixJN
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