How to run netscape navigator with rsh and DISPLAY?

I want to launch Netscape Navigator
The 6000 port on my host is open
the host is added using xhost+

host +

If I did


and then

export DISPLAY=

Works fine.
But I want to run directly on host I have tried

rsh DISPLAY= navigator


 DISPLAY= navigator


export DISPLAY=
rsh /usr/bin/navigator


rsh "export DISPLAY= ; /usr/bin/navigator"

But don’t work


Q: Why not ssh which is simpler and more secure?

A: This is an old host, ssh2 is not supported

Q: Why use a very old browser?

A: Is for turn on an old Bare-metal ibm server which use very old ssl protocols (ssl2, rc4 and other weak tools) for remote manage via ASMI , the modern browser has ssl3 and tls 1.1 disabled so cannot open a webpage "protected" using ssl2

Q: Why don’t upgrade ASMI?

A: This server is discontinued since 10-15 years

Asked By: elbarna


Solution found, was a firewall problem. I don’t know why but seems on Slackware rsh the port 1021/tcp needs to be open for rsh connections.
The line

xhost +
rsh DISPLAY= navigator

works fine

For a more secure environment I will try ssh + a browser configured for very old ssl and rc40 in a vm next time.

Answered By: elbarna
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