Linux header and extra modules on ubuntu container from an open suse micro os host with mismatch kernel versions

I have an Open SUSE micro OS host with kernel 6.5.9-1-default and an Ubuntu 22.04 distrobox container.

I need to install the linux-headers-$(uname -r) and linux-modules-extra-$(uname -r) packages and the problem is that Ubuntu 22.04 at the time I’m writing doesn’t have these packages, their most recent kernel is 6.2.

So, how can I install these Linux headers and modules extra on my Ubuntu 22.04 container?

Asked By: ademar111190


Ultimately, you’ll need to load your modules into the host kernel, so you need to build them with the host’s configuration exactly. Even finding a matching kernel in your Ubuntu container wouldn’t help, you need the headers matching the host’s kernel and configuration.

I don’t know whether micro OS even supports this, its web site is currently down for maintenance.

Answered By: Stephen Kitt