Error: Access through untrusted domain

NexctcloudPi (RaspbianDebian) was installed on a rpi3 on a USB-SSD.

Initial tests were successful. Access via:

  • duckdns
  • lets encrypt certificate

was successful after initial setup.

The system was rebooted and now returns:

enter image description here

What Debian commands can be used to probe and test to identify the root cause of the problem?

A simple (ELI5) explanation of the error is appreciated: thank you

Asked By: gatorback


As indicated at

The trusted_domain configuration directive in the config.php file tells nextcloud what domains (host names) this nextcloud instance is known as.

If you access it as and is not among the trusted_domain list, you’ll get that error message. So you need to edit that configuration file, to add that domain name.

Answered By: Stéphane Chazelas
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