How to redirect a command for a specific application

For example, the feh program can delete the currently viewed image, presumably using the rm command at some point. Let’s say that instead of deleting the file, we want to run a trash script, say Is there anyway of running feh but tricking it into running every time it calls rm?

Asked By: kleinbottle4


You need to modify the sources of feh and run an arbitrary script instead of unlink() system call in C language, then compile new code:

git clone
cd feh
cat<<EOF > trashbin.patch
--- src/filelist.c  2023-09-18 23:19:53.444892742 +0200
+++ src/filelist_new.c  2023-09-18 23:19:11.293556737 +0200
@@ -112,7 +112,11 @@
 gib_list *feh_file_rm_and_free(gib_list * list, gib_list * l)
-   unlink(FEH_FILE(l->data)->filename);
+   //unlink(FEH_FILE(l->data)->filename);
+    char command[255];
+    sprintf(command, "/usr/local/bin/ %s", FEH_FILE(l->data)->filename);
+    system(command);
    return(feh_file_remove_from_list(list, l));

patch src/filelist.c < trashbin.patch
sudo make install

Then, create:


with what you want, like


mkdir -p ~/.local/trashbin
/bin/mv -- "$@" ~/.local/trashbin
Answered By: Gilles Quénot
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