arch linux not booting up after installation. Issue with grub

I was currently trying to install arch linux as dual boot in my laptop (i3).

I was following this tutorial –

I completed the steps (everything installed normally) but during reboot I am getting this error

error msg

Here are the things I checked:

  1. My windows is working fine and i am able to boot into it(not through grub).
  2. Grub did not detect my windows boot manager but only my arch linux. Both arch and my windows are being installed in same ssd with two partitions (both uefi).
  3. I had checked this command ls /sys/firmware/efi/efivars/ and it did give me an output
  4. I checked with this documentation and most commands seem to be same except some optional commands

I have no idea how to fix this. I have formatted the os twice and the same error is happening.

Asked By: JustaNobody


Did you install intel-ucode package and add it to your grub config ?

If yes you can try to disable mce by adding mce=off to your grub config to see if you get another error message while trying to boot.

Answered By: Ange Kevin Amlaman