Debian+Gnome Remove Libreoffice

Is there no way to remove libreoffice* without removing gnome?

If i type sudo apt purge libreoffice*

It automatically also wants to remove gnome

Is there a solution to this?

Removing the LibreOffice packages only entails removing the gnome metapackage, not GNOME as a whole. Metapackages are treated specially by apt; when they are removed along with one of their dependencies, all their remaining dependencies are flagged so that they stay installed (so apt autoremove won’t remove them).

If you remove LibreOffice, you won’t lose any other component of GNOME. If you’re on a stable release of Debian, you won’t miss any future changes to the gnome metapackage either, since its dependencies shouldn’t change inside a given release.

Answered By: Stephen Kitt
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