install app from manjaro

I need to install an app,, on manjaro os.
I have the most recent version installed via Aur and the software manager but need an old version which i downloaded from git-hub.
I had issues installing apps from git-hub before and hoping to learn something today.
I am just not finding solutions doing web searches.
Thanks for any help.

Asked By: Umtalilives


Install unzip if you don’t already have it:

sudo pacman -S unzip

If you want to unzip the files to your current dir:

If you want to unzip to a specific dir:
unzip -d ~/thisisanotherpath

Now, cd to the place where the files are, run ls, and you should see a file without any extensions on the end of it, type a dot and slash and then the name of this file, like so: ./betaflight-configurator

If you don’t want to run it from a terminal everytime and you have a desktop enviroment, there’s also a .desktop file in the folder, you can move this to /usr/share/applications/ and this will make the app show up on your desktop/start menu

Answered By: juliethefoxcoon
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