I'm being asked to input my password after logging in with biometrics on Fedora 38, using GNOME

This is the message that pops up – Enter password to unlock your login keyring
The login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer.

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From what I’ve read online, it’s a security measure. But if you enter your password on login, this won’t pop up since the keyring is unlocked when that password is entered.
But now when I use my fingerprint reader to log into my laptop, it asks for the password after. I should also add that this wasn’t the case initially. It only started doing this after a couple of months or so – I’m not sure if an update to Fedora prompted this or not. It’s not the end of the world, but annoying. I can just use my password, but then the fingerprint reader is less useful.
I read that you can manage this in Passwords and Keys (formerly Seahorse), but it’s not installed natively on Fedora, apparently it is on Ubuntu. If I install Seahorse now, could I use it to manage this? Or is there something in Fedora other than Seahorse, that could do the same thing? I saw a similar post about this here – Use fingerprint reader for everything but first login – My fingerprint reader does let me into my computer, I just still have to use my password to unlock the keyring. It works fine for everything else (making changes, sudo commands in terminal, etc).

Thank you in advance, and I apologize in advance – still learning Linux.

Asked By: sbarnard86


Check if seahorse is already installed by searching the gnome app list for "Keys" or something similar. On my system (LMDE 5), seahorse is titled "Passwords and Keys".

On the command line you can check if installed by running:

dnf info seahorse

Once seahorse is installed, you can update the gnome keyring password to empty. Note, this will store your passwords in plain text so it’s recommended to do it only if you have full-disk encryption or are reasonably certain your disk will not be misused by someone having physical access to it.

Gnome keyring can currently be unlocked with a password only, so if you’re using a passwordless authentication method (fingerprint, Yubikey, etc.) it cannot get the password to auto-unlock the keyring.

Answered By: Pavin Joseph
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