How to install slocate in Ubuntu

I have seen several references to the slocate command [1][2] as a more secure alternative to the locate command. However I cannot install it using sudo apt install slocate. I also cannot find any references on how to install it for Ubuntu and only one reference to installing it on any Linux platform at all. But here is a question about how to use it and it is also referenced in official Ubuntu manual.

So, why is it referenced, but not available? Must it be installed from source only?

Asked By: Root James


You can’t install it (without building it from source), it’s no longer available. Current alternatives are better so you wouldn’t want to anyway.

slocate was “secure” a long time ago. However its developer stopped working on the project, and it had various bugs. Distributions moved on, first to mlocate and now to plocate.

After over a year in limbo, slocate was removed from Debian in January 2009. Ubuntu would have followed suit shortly thereafter.

Answered By: Stephen Kitt