How to add a Logical Volume (LV) for /var/tmp?

I’ve got one physical volume and one volume group:

VG Name ced-vg

I’ve got five logical volumes:


I want to add a sixth logical volume on that same, unique, physical volume (I’m not adding any new SSD), which could maybe look like this:

/dev/ced-vg/vartmp   (I don't know if the name is correct)

Which I’ll then use for /var/tmp/ to have its own logical volume.

I don’t know how to create that. I don’t understand if these logical volumes were created, once, when the OS was installed or if they’re (re-)created at each boot, for example.

Is it as simple as just adding an entry for /var/tmp in /etc/fstab?

Or do I need to first "create", once, the new logical volume and only then add the entry to /etc/fstab? Or something else?

Do I need to manually create a filesystem for that new /var/tmp I plan to add? Or shall this be done automatically?

P.S: This is on Debian but I take it the procedure is similar on many distros.

Asked By: Cedric Martin


You need to create a new logical volume of size 32GB with name "vartmp" using

lvcreate -L 32G -n vartmp ced-vg

That’s everything about this that’s LVM-specific! Then you can format it using your favorite file system, e.g.

mkfs.xfs /dev/ced-vg/vartmp

and add it to your /etc/fstab, so that it gets picked up on next boot, for example

/dev/ced-vg/vartmp /var/tmp   xfs   noatime

You might want to check the free space of your volume group first, using vgdisplay.

Answered By: Marcus Müller
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