RHEL 8 hangs on boot missing disk in fstab

my /etc/fstab

UUID=12345abcdef   /data  xfs   defaults  0  0

I thought the 0 0 part, one of those, meant skip disk checking so during boot if the disk wasn’t there the OS would be ok with it and continue.

In RHEL 8.8 I have that entry in /etc/fstab but I have that disk manually removed from the system.
Redhat firsts does the systemd waiting on whatever for 1m30s then drops to hit Ctrl-D for maintenance or enter root password.

I enter root password, comment out that entry in /etc/fstab and reboot and things are fine.

Is there a way to configure RHEL-8 so it doesn’t pause for the minute and 30 seconds, and does not drop to maintenance ? Can it just print a boot message, finish booting, don’t delay for more than 2 seconds?

Asked By: ron


Yeah, add ,nofail to mount options.

Answered By: Artem S. Tashkinov
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