Keep the PC in low power, but not sleeping

I am trying to use my old notebook to monitor some things, and I really don’t need it to run past its lowest frequency, since it will only gather data every few minutes or so and relay it. But the problem is, I don’t want it to sleep either.

I am using pm-powersave true but after installing it, suddenly the PC sleeps very often and the ping only replied a few seconds after I press the button at the notebook. I’ve tried with cable and wifi.

The OS is Ubuntu Server 23.04, running on an old Compaq Presario with Core Duo processor.

Is there a way to prevent this?

What is the correct way to keep it at minimum frequency but stays awake?

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If you don’t want the laptop went to sleep or if you closed the lid, you can try the following:

  1. Edit and uncomment this lines in /etc/systemd/logind.conf

  2. Install and run cpufrequtils

    apt install cpufrequtils

    Set the CPU governor to powersave

    cpufreq-set -r -g powersave

  3. Disable suspend with systemctl

  4. Use cpupower from the linux-tools-generic

    apt install linux-tools-generic
    cpupower frequency-set -g powersave
    cpupower frequency-set -d <min_frequency>

Do a reboot after you change it.

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