Making file metadata on a filesystem not supporting it

I have here a storage without supporting the most important metadatas (permissions, owners, etc).

I think, it would help a lot if I could somehow solve that I inject some type of metadata in the system from an external source. Last time as I have seen some similar, that was the today really ancient umsdos filesystem, some decades ago. It stored the posix ownership and permissions info in small database files in all directories of a fat16 filesystem.

This time I have no word to change the storage. Also I have no influence over the permission flags it gives. But I would want to emulate them locally.

Is it somehow possible in Linux?

Asked By: peterh


The POSIX overlay filesystem might solve your problem — it’s a FUSE-based overlay capable of adding POSIX metadata to non-POSIX file systems.

Its last official release dates back to 2018 but its source repo is still being updated.

Answered By: Stephen Kitt
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