What debian ARCH should I use for armv7l kernel?

debootstrap --arch=ARCH stable debian-stable http://ftp.debian.org/debian/

debootstrap requires architecture to be set. Debian supports armel and armhf architectures of ARM 32-bit family. Which one to choose for armv7l Linux? (in case it’s generally supported at all).

Asked By: R A


Both will work, but armhf is a better fit if you have floating point: “armv7 with VFPv3-D16 floating point”. (armv7l is little-endian v7.)

To determine whether you have appropriate floating point support, look for vfpv3 in the “Features” line in /proc/cpuinfo. See also How do determine whether Linux board is using hardware FPU or not?

Answered By: Stephen Kitt
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