Open Konsole terminal always in split view

I am using Konsole (the default terminal) in Kubuntu.
I am aware that I can split Konsole using SHIFT + CTRL + 0.

I would like Konsole to automatically split by default every time I launch it.

I have been unable to locate the settings for enabling this feature.

Is this possible?

Asked By: Abhishek Kamal


The following should work.

Create a json file (filename layout.json or any filename you want) with this content:

  "Orientation": "Vertical",
  "Widgets": [
      "SessionRestoreId": 0
      "SessionRestoreId": 0

And to open a new Konsole using that layout you should run it with:

konsole --layout ./layout.json

Btw, you can save/load Tab Layouts by using directly the Konsole application, so if you want to save the current state of a Konsole Tab you should go to:

View -> Save Tab Layout

View -> Load Tab Layout

Nonetheless, in my case the Konsole application has the buttons differently, I have to go to:
More -> View -> Save Tab Layout

And finally if you want the Konsole to open always with the custom layout (without using a command directly from terminal) you should edit the desktop file for Konsole, in my case: org.kde.konsole.desktop and this is located in: /usr/share/applications but maybe you have the file in: /home/youruser/.local/share/applications. So in order to run the Konsole app with a custom layout change the following directive:



Exec=konsole --layout /path/to/layout.json
Answered By: Edgar Magallon
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