Fedora 38: DNF update requires user@1000.service to be restarted

Today there was an update in Fedora 38:
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After the update completed, I checked if a reboot or a service needs to be restarted with the following DNF commands:

After the update completed, I checked whether a reboot or service restart is required using the following DNF commands:

sudo dnf needs-restarting -r

No core libraries or services have been updated since boot-up.
Reboot should not be necessary.

sudo dnf needs-restarting -s

I receive an output showing user@1000.service.

What is this service? It appears to be related to the currently logged-on user.

Instead of restarting the service, should I simply log out and log back in?

Asked By: logicito


user@1000.service is the user manager instance for the logged-in user with UID 1000, i.e. the system process that manages the systemctl --user services for that user. See man user@.service for more details.

You are entirely correct: logging out and back in would be exactly what is needed at this point.

Answered By: telcoM
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