How to mimic Menu key using xte?

My laptop is woefully missing the Menu key, but I have some extra buttons on my mouse so I hoped to map one of them to the missing Menu key – as explained in several answers on AskUbuntu, for example this one.

But unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to get xte to output the Menu key. I tried

"xte 'key Menu'"

But that doesn’t do anything.

I’ve read some examples that use SHIFT+F10 but that doesn’t really solve my problem, mainly because some applications (I’m looking at you Dolphin) don’t support mimicking the Menu key using SHIfT+10.

Any suggestions?

Asked By: Guss


Try adding sleep command. For example,
to map PrintScreen to MenuKey, put this in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/sxhkd/sxhkdrc:

    sleep 0.1 && xte "key Menu"
Answered By: AvidSeeker