Windows 8 / Ubuntu 14.04 desktop dual boot on multiple large disks

I’m trying to install Ubuntu 14.04.3 desktop 64 bit developer edition with dual boot option with my Windows 8.1 PC having two disks (1- 1tb, 2- 3tb), but during installation if I choose Install Ubuntu alongside Windows then I get this error message: starting sector number, 4294967296 exceeds the msdos-partition-table-imposed maximum of 4294967295

Disk Management:

Disk Management screenshot

Partition style of Disk 0 is GPT, but for Disk 1 it’s MBR.

System information:

msinfo32 screenshot

Windows 8.1 came pre-installed when we bought the PC.

If you noticed I have allocated 200GB free space on Disk 0 for Ubuntu and I want to use this space for Ubuntu.

How can I install Ubuntu as a dual boot without losing my Windows?

Asked By: tynar


Based on that error message, it sounds like you’re trying to install Linux onto the 3TB disk. Since you used the MS-DOS partition table for that disk (which I would recommend against doing that), you are not allowed to store any data beyond that 2GB point. It would probably make sense for you to convert that into a GPT disk so you can utilize all of your space!

In order to actually solve your issue, be careful to choose that 200GB partition on disk 0 as your Linux target (in Linux it will be presented as something like /dev/sda5).
One trick to preventing you from accidentally installing to the wrong device is to just unplug the additional drives before installing Linux. Simply plug them back in once you have your dual boot set up.

I strongly recommend using manual mode to configure your partitions when installing Linux. It really isn’t much more difficult than the wizard, but in my experience the wizard never seems to do exactly what I need. The wizard makes it very easy to blow away your Windows partition on accident!

Answered By: linucksrox
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