Debian-Thunderbird: set 2-factor authentication for a GMX account

I have just added this functionality to an e-mail account and can’t get Thunderbird to authenticate, the error message is "The server does not support the selected authentication method" so I am not sure if is something related to GMX or to Thunderbird. I wrote to GMX’s customer support to ask this but didn’t get any response yet.

The settings are: IMAP server with SSL/TLS and "OAuth2" ( and SMTP server ( with with SSL/TLS and "OAuth2".

Asked By: nopeva


Who told you GMX supports OAuth2? 😉 Why did you enable it nilly-willy? 😉 Google/GMail supports it, correct, it doesn’t mean all other email providers do.

Answered By: Artem S. Tashkinov
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