ssh-add without prompt

I am working on some shell and I encountered the following line:
cat /ssh/sshkey | tr -d 'r' | ssh-add -

This code get a key and add it to an agent. This work on its current environment, but when I try it on another VM, I get the following: Error loading key "(stdin)": invalid format

ssh-add expect a prompt with a passphrase, which I believe is what this error is about, but this is in a script and should work without one.

What am I missing ?

Asked By: Saurazim


It’s quite simple; ssh-add uses /dev/tty and not stdin because it needs to disable the echo of the typed password so you can’t simply redirect to it.

In fact the manual page states:

If any file requires a passphrase, ssh-add asks for the passphrase
from the user. The passphrase is read from the user’s tty.

So you need to run ssh-add attached to a pty, or you can invent a clunky hack with SSH_ASKPASS (I don’t recommend it). Either expect(1) (the canonical behemoth) or something simpler like pdip; zsh has a module called zpty maybe there’s something similar in bash too.

Answered By: Lorenzo Marcantonio
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