Which OS's grub configuration should I edit to change default boot order?

I have two OSes installed on two partitions of my (slightly old)computer: PeppermintOS (on /dev/sda1) and antiX (on /dev/sda2). When I turn my computer on, the GRUB menu defaults to antiX after timing out. I want to change that to Peppermint. I saw this post which gives a good answer on how to change the default boot – by modifying /etc/default/grub and then running sudo grub-update. But I still have one question:

If both of my OS’s have their own grub binaries and their respective configurations – Peppermint with its own /etc/default/grub in /dev/sda1 and antiX with its own /etc/default/grub in /dev/sda2, then which of these should I edit in order to get the desired results?

What I am having trouble understanding I suppose is how an OS specific grub install can be configured to serve the needs of the overall boot process before that particular OS has even been loaded.

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Most likely your actual GRUB configuration belongs to the OS you installed the last however if you even ran grub-install in any of them, then the one where you last ran this command is again the one you should edit.

In a perfect world you should have a single separate /boot partition with a single GRUB configuration but considering how the Linux distros lack standardization that’s not always easily achievable.

Answered By: Artem S. Tashkinov
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