Virtualbox < 5.1.34 crashes frequently on kernel > 5.18

Virtualbox 5.1.34 (and below) crashes and prints strange error messages like segementation faults or kills the x11/wayland server.

This strange behavior occurs on ubuntu22, debian bookworm, debian sid, archlinux after upgrading the host kernel to 5.18.3.

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After some internet recherche I found this nice discussion on the virtualbox forum. At first I thought my vm installation troubles but it happens on all guest machines.

The solution up to now is to use an older kernel (< 5.17.11) or to install the the test build:
Virtualbox (6.1.34.xx) crashes frequently on debian sid. You can avoid this by using the older kernel (<5.17.10) or install the test build as described below.

Installation virtualbox test build

First you have to remove the virtualbox package with sudo apt remove virtualbox– This will not remove your configurations or virtual machines.

Download the app from Oracles’ Testbuild homepage.

Install with

sudo sh ./

This will also compile and install the dkms modules vboxdrv

To remove virtualbox, which gets installed in the /opt directory, run the script with uninstall parameter.

Further you have to download the Extension package and Guest Additions from the previous link and type the following command:

VBoxManage extpack install Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.1.35-151571.vbox-extpack

You can also adopt this script for speeding up the task:

# download virtualbox testbuild
# install with the following command:
#    sudo sh ./
# To uninstall run with `uninstall` parameter:
#    sudo sh ./ uninstall 
# The extension package (for usb... support) can be installed from command line
#    VBoxManage extpack install Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.1.35-151571.vbox-extpack



download_files=($virtualbox $guest_additions $extension_pack)

for file in "${download_files[@]}"; do
   wget -c $base/$file

sudo sh ./$virtualbox
sudo vboxmanage extpack install $extension_pack

Answered By: abu_bua
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