Emoji Selector Empty

After deleting (by error) many packages, I came to notice that most of my emojis don’t appear. In the "Emoji Selector", I have 4 emojis in the "recent" tab, but none in the "search" and the "all" ones.

I tried:
Installing noto-coloremoji-fonts, kirigami2-dev and plasma-framework
Changing locals
Check if noto is installed with apt list --installed | grep -i emoji. Output: fonts-noto-color-emoji/stable,stable,now 0~20200916-1 all [installed]
Opening ibus-ui-emojier-plasma on terminal. Found an error could not find ibus emoji dictionaries. "ibus/dicts/emoji-en.dict"

I use MX Linux KDE Plasma, if it helps at all

Solved by reinstalling the gnome-icon-theme package

Answered By: Miguel Fernández
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