Count number of lines with length condition

I am trying to count the number of lines in large files with length of the line less than 300 characters.

My current approach to do this is with following command(but it is slow):

awk "length<=300" *.log | wc -l

Is there a better way to get only the count of the lines?

Asked By: xyz


use awk to count line

awk 'length<=300{c++} END { print c }' *.log


  • c++ increment counter
  • END { print c } is executed after last line and print c value.

I am not sure, this will be faster (at least wc -l won’t have to count and parse lines)

to get subtotal (can be one lined)

awk 'length<=300{t++;s++} 
     ENDFILE { printf "%s:%dn",FILENAME,s ; s=0 ; } 
     END { printf "TOTAL:%dn",t }' *.log
Answered By: Archemar

With grep:

cat *.log | grep -vc '^.{301}'

To match lines with length <=300 we grep with -v (invert match) for any 301 characters, as the search pattern is limited to one line for grep. Pattern is anchored at the beginning of the line with ^. And -c counts the matching lines.

If you want to have some basic progress indicator, you can use pv from package moreutils:

pv *.log | grep -vc '^.{301}'

If you want to get line number per file:

grep -vc '^.{301}' *.log

and if you want to get the total from the above command:

grep -vc '^.{301}' *.log | awk -F':' '{c+=$NF} END {print c}'

Depending on the data, although we don’t usually pipe grep with awk, it could be faster than cat & grep, if there are many very long input lines, the pipe here is used just for a small amount of data, numbers and filenames.

Answered By: thanasisp

Using Raku (formerly known as Perl_6)

Dependent on shell-globbing:

raku -ne 'state $i; $i++ if .chars <= 300; END say $i // 0;'


raku -ne 'state $i; if .chars <= 300 {$i++}; END say $i // 0;'

Files determined via regex (independent of shell-globbing):

raku -e 'for dir(test => / .+ .log $ /) {state $i; $i++ if .chars <= 300 for .lines; END say $i // 0};'

Answered By: jubilatious1
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