Best alternative for WinMerge

I need to compare/diff/merge files in an easy way. In Dark ages when i’m a windows user I would use WinMerge. What alternatives for this are available in Ubuntu?

The things I must be able to do:

  1. See 2 files line by line next to each other, with the differences highlighted
  2. Have an option for merging this files together
Asked By: Miller


There are plenty of tools for this, here are a few with a GUI:

They all do pretty much the same thing, but the first two possibly offer the best user experience. Those with an asterisk are available from the Software Centre.

Answered By: Luís de Sousa

I don’t know if paid software can be recommended, but after testing a lot of free tools, I finally decided to go for Beyond Compare.

Meld was my previous choice but abandonned it due to instabilities during merging of very large folders.

Answered By: aklmie

If you like Winmerge very much and would like to continue to use it in Ubuntu like me, you can do that by using Wine Windows Program loader to install Winmerge and run the program. It runs very well for me.

I find none of the above GUI tools that come with Ubuntu to be as good as Winmerge. Maybe I am too biased for Winmerge 🙂

Answered By: Lester Chan