Samsung M2020 on Ubuntu

I’m new to linux and I know nothing about coding and using the terminal. I searched google for a way to connect Samsung M2020 printer to my computer running ubuntu but i didn’t find. What should I do now?

Asked By: Ahmed Altajer


Open gnome-terminal via Ubuntu dash or via shortcut ctrl+alt+t and paste following commands:

  1. Download driver from Samsung site (link is dead, download the linux version from

    wget ''
  2. Unpack it

    tar zxvf ULD_v1.00.35.tar.gz
  3. Install driver, with sudo command you need to enter your root password.

    sudo ./uld/
  4. Now, you should be able to to add your printer via Printers program. Add it as network printer or simply plug it in via USB and it should work.

Answered By: Invidian

Download Linux driver:

Go to http://localhost:631/admin to add the printer using cups web-based manager. Administration > add printer. Follow the steps until ending up with the question where to find the correct ppd file.

Now, extract the file downloaded in the first step and navigate using the cups admin panel’s ppd browse button for the following file:


Good Luck!

Answered By: harmonizer

If you need a model which is slightly different from the M2020 (mine was M2026), the samsung printers support is now being done by

for checking your model direct:

Answered By: Rudger

Download the driver from this link,

Extract it to the home folder.
In terminal run

sudo su
sudo ./uld/     

then when the printer is connected, Linux Mint will find drivers and install the printer, probably ubuntu is the same

Note: If the printer is already installed with wrong drivers you need to delete them first for this to work.
This just worked for me on 01/04/2024.

Answered By: Brendan Murphy
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