How to change tab in Google Chrome with the keyboard, in Ubuntu

In OSX, you can browse tabs in browsers by Ctrl+ N/p or similar.
I have not found any keys in Ubuntu 14.04.

How can you browse tabs of browsers by keyboard in Ubuntu?

In Chrome and Firefox both we have to press Ctrl+ Number

E.g. If you want to go to the tab then you have to press Ctrl+3

You can also use Alt instead of Ctrl – i.e. Alt+3.

Answered By: khanthegeek

Most shortcuts in other systems also apply:

Ctrl + TAB = next tab

Ctrl + Shift + TAB = previous tab

Ctrl + T = new tab

Ctrl + W = close tab

Ctrl + Shift + T = reopen last closed tab

Answered By: krato

In addition to the answers already given: Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn should also work to switch tabs forth and back.

Answered By: Dubu

You can find full list of shortcuts for Chrome here

Worth to mention from the list (which wasn’t mentioned here yet):

Jump to the last tab Ctrl + 9

Answered By: Igor Bukin