Stop/start SYSTEMD service on specific SSID

I only connect to my NAS laptop (arch linux) drives via NFS on a specific 5G router with a specific SSID for example NASrouter_5G. When I change the wifi, that happens frequently, to another router for example NoNasRouter_2G I want the drives to be unmounted and remounted back when I connect to NASrouter_5G again since the file manager freeze if I don’t.

In my research I found a [Match] syntax but this only detects the interface name and that is always wifi0, so that doesn’t seem to work.
Also the networkd-dispatcher looks promising I just didn’t found anything on how to use it.

So my Question is:

How do I do that, preferably with systemd since I mount the drives on startup and after hybernation with systemd and it works fine. But any way is appreciated since I don’t want to type sudo systemctl stop nfs_mount or some alias every time I change the network.

The mounting service file contains the following:

[jack@jacks ~]$ cat /usr/lib/systemd/system/nfs_mount.service 
Descritpion=Documents Mount NAS systemctl start nfs_mount


Asked By: Ingo Mi


There is systemd unit predefined conditions that can be used, but any of them match this use case.

Since your service is a oneshot one, the service will become inactive once the main process is termintaed. So using simple to daemonize the service with an infinite loop and wrapping your script with an IF statement based on the SSID comparison can make it :

while :
    sleep 5
    if [ "$(iwgetid -r)" == 'your_ssid' ] ; then 
      # Your code here
      # If it was not a oneshot service you can make a place here for a code to kill the service

So in this way the filesystem is mounted only if your system is connected to a WIFI that matches the wanted SSID.

Answered By: Reda Salih
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