Can't remove Opera and Chrome

I’m that kind of user who likes to have different browsers, media players, etc. Today I just wanted to try out Opera and Google Chrome, but I don’t want to use them anymore so I thought that I remove them. The problem is I can’t find them in Ubuntu Software Center or when I use ‘remove opera’ in terminal it doesn’t work.
Can you tell me how to remove them properly?

Asked By: Gábor Varga


In Software Center go to Installed and from right side of the Installed click on the down arrow button and select Unknown – You will see Opera and Chrome there.

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Answered By: Muzaffar

Open a Terminal and put in:

sudo apt-get remove opera-stable

to remove opera and

 sudo apt-get remove google-chrome-stable

to remove chrome

Answered By: poldi

Are you sure that you have installed these two pieces of software successfully?

Try this:

dpkg -s opera-stable google-chrome-stable

If you see dpkg-query: package 'nlll' is not installed and no information is available that means you didn’t install that.

Also, if you install that, you will see lots of files.

Answered By: Mr.m

Use purge to delete the configurations as well


sudo apt-get purge opera-stable
Answered By: Dave

After a long searching process, I used sudo snap remove opera-beta command and it is working. I forget that i installed opera-beta from snap.

Answered By: DRPandya

I solved with this command : sudo snap remove opera

Answered By: salvo720
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