How to check using the command line which display manager is running?

How can I determine the name of the display manager in use solely by using the command line?

Asked By: Abdul Al Hazred


Short answer:

As mentioned in this answer on Unix & Linux, you should be able to get that from:

cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager

I tried it on both Unity and XFCE, both worked.

Answered By: Jacob Vlijm

Other way to find more detailed information about the window manager you’re using is by running either neofetch or screenfetch. Both are similar and are available in Debian repositories. I install Neofetch and it show my WM also to be WM: Mutter.Result of screenfetch and neofetch

you can install them in debian systems CLI by :

sudo apt install neofetch screenfetch
Answered By: tedy58