How Big is the Download File?

I really want to get started using Ubuntu on an old laptop I have, but I have to know the file size. If it’s really small, I can use a DVD-RW that I already have lying around. If it’s less than 4GB, then I can use either a derpy flash drive, or I can get a larger DVD-RW. Any bigger than 4.7 GB, and I’ll have to use the network installer. I would be okay with this, but having a version of Ubuntu on a disc would be best for what I want.

Asked By: setokaiba9


Ubuntu iso file is approximately 4.60 GB right now, 18/03/2023


Answered By: Dr. A. Waheed

Ubuntu 16.04 64xbit ISO image is approximately 1.3gb in size. You can also download 32-bit ISO, but it is not recommended if you have a configuration that can run 64-bit.

Link to download :

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Answered By: Akshat
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