See processes which use device

I have this (hopefully) irrational fear someone might hijack my webcam, especially since some of my colleagues started to put some tape around theirs.

For some reason I am sometimes not able to access /dev/video0 while using skype.
A while ago I made the experience that only one process can access my camera.

How can I find out which process (if?) is currently using my webcam?
Also how can I unmount and re-mount the webcam?

Thank you

Asked By: Qohelet

$ lsof /dev/video0

Should tell you which processes are accessing the device, if any.

Answered By: Rick U

You can use auditd to monitor your video device, and it will log it to /var/log/audit/auditd.log. It will tell you what application is accessing the device. Pretty cool.

Answered By: Jewnix
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