How do I parse namespaces from an XML file using XMLLINT and BASH

Below I have an example of an Adobe XML swidtag used to track inventory. I need to parse out relevant information using xmllint in bash and output that to a new text file.

For example I would like to parse the following


I have tried using this, but it will not let me read the namespace

xmllint --xpath '//swid:product_version/swid:name/text()' file.xml

I’ve also tried

xmllint --xpath "//*[local-name1()='product_version']/*[local-name2()='name']/text()" file.xml

But got these errors

xmlXPathCompOpEval: function local-nameame1 not found
XPath error : Unregistered function
XPath error : Stack usage errror
XPath evaluation failure

Sample tag file for Creative Suite 5
The following sample is for Adobe Photoshop CS5 serialized as Creative Suite 5 Master Collection (Suite)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<swid:software_identification_tag xsi_schemaLocation=" software_identification_tag.xsd" 

<!--Mandatory Identity elements -->
<swid:product_title>Acrobat XI Pro</swid:product_title>
    <swid:name>Adobe Systems Incorporated</swid:name>
    <swid:name>Adobe Systems Incorporated</swid:name>

    <swid:name>Adobe Systems Incorporated</swid:name>
<!--Optional Identity elements -->
Asked By: macman


This discussion is enlightening.

At the very least, even if not ideal, you should be able to do:

xmllint --xpath "//*[local-name()='product_version']/*[local-name()='name']/text()" file.xml

Or use xmlstarlet instead:

xmlstarlet sel -t -v //swid:product_version/swid:name file.xml
Answered By: Stéphane Chazelas

I had similar issues, reading pom.xml (a maven configuration file) in shell script for jenkins. To ensure a good result, I would do:

xmllint --xpath "//swid:software_identification_tag/*[local-name()='product_version']/*[local-name()='name']/text()" file.xml

You don’t seem to have the problem here put if your xml has that kind of additionnal content:


xmllint --xpath "//*[local-name()='product_version']/*[local-name()='name']/text()" file.xml won’t work

In my situation, a pom.xml has many “version” elements, so if you want a specific one, the path should be exact, otherwise you’ll get multiple values you don’t want.

Answered By: Sebastien Denis

With an older version of xmllint (which doesn’t support –xpath) you can set a namespace and query more intuitively thus (but you have to grep out some additional garbage):

echo 'setns swid=
      cat //swid:product_version/swid:name/text()' | 
xmllint --shell file.xml | egrep -v '^(/ >| -----)'
Answered By: Ed Randall

Try using a here-doc. Example:

xmllint --shell file.xml <<EOF
setns swid=
xpath //swid:product_version/swid:name/text()

Works with later versions of xmllint that support the --xpath parameter.

Answered By: roblogic
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