How to use GoToMeeting in Linux

My employer wants me and the team of developers to communicate with them using service. Is it possible to use GoToMeeting in Debian? I know that officially GoToMeeting supports only Mac and Win.

The reason: I am very happy with software development under Linux and don’t want to migrate to Windows just because of one or two programs.

If it doesn’t work with Wine or CodeWeaver (commercial version of Wine), then your only option will be to run a (stripped down) copy of Windows in a virtual machine (KVM, Xen, virtualbox all support Windows guests) or use an alternative that supports Linux (there are plenty of cross-platform java-based, and opensource ones you can install on your own server).

Answered By: Stéphane Chazelas

There’s an option on GoToMeeting setup to permit “Web Viewer”. If it’s checked you can do the entire meeting within your browser, no plugin or standalone required.
See the Linux section of the support page.

Answered By: Drew

Use the HTML5 version, which runs fine under Chrome, no need to use phone for voice.

Open it at:

Or if you want to directly open the meeting using the ID:<id>

Create Shortcut

You can create a Web App in Chrome, clicking in the sandwich icon, then Install GoToMeeting.

If this entry is not available, you can use More Tools > Create Shortcut.

Answered By: Rael Gugelmin Cunha

I’m using it on Ubuntu 18.04 and in Chrom{e}{ium}. The image is OK but the sound does not work (I cannot use the laptop speakers/mic). With sound on the phone I can see the shared screens etc. but I would call their Linux support pretty poor.

Answered By: alle_meije
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