How to choose LUKS encryption when installing RHEL 6?

With the default RHEL 6 installer, how can I choose the LUKS encryption?

Afaik if I prepare the disk like

cryptsetup luksFormat -c cast5-cbc-plain -s 128 /dev/$DEVICE

could be the “fastest” encryption, but the installer only prompts for password, then later, at the partitioning it recognizes it as “unknown” partition.

UPDATE: so in short, I just want to speed up io with using the mentioned faster encryption (? are there faster/but still “”secure””?) with the default install. How can I don it?

UPDATE#2: what would be the fastest encryption that can be still used in the default GUI install??

Asked By: gasko peter


I think if you just tell it to format the ‘unknown’ partition that it will format it and leave the encryption just as you specified. So the strategy of using luksFormat to create a partition that uses a particular encryption scheme that you think will be faster will work.

Answered By: Omnifarious

You might be stuck using a kickstart to define the partition with the encryption type instead of using the graphical install interface.

Answered By: jsbillings
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