How to enable vim addon packages?

I have installed vim-nox as well as vim-latexsuite and vim-outliner on Ubuntu 12.10. There’s nothing wrong with Vim but neither of the add-on packages does anything. What do I have to do to in order to enable them?

Asked By: Erik


Vim add-ons are not enabled for all users by default. To use an add-on, use vim-addons:

$ vim-addon-manager 
# Name                     User Status  System Status 
editexisting                removed       removed       
justify                     removed       removed       
latex-suite                 removed       removed       
matchit                     removed       removed       
vimoutliner                 removed       removed

$ vim-addons install latex-suite
$ vim-addons install vimoutliner
Answered By: Erik

I have tested various plugin managers for vim, and find pathogen the best of them all. I first tried vundle which was recommended on this site (, but found it too complex.

What I wanted was a way to keep each plugin in it’s own directory. Pathogen does just that: every plugin in ~/.vim/bundle is activated automatically.

pathogen is really very simple:

  • you install the pathogen plugin
  • add call pathogen#infect() to .vimrc
  • when you want to try a package, you install it into a directory in .vim/bundle/… Pathogen will activate it automatically.
  • to get rid of a package, you just remove it from .vim/bundle. I have a directory .vim/ where I move unused packages which I might use sometime later.
Answered By: Floyd