How to GET the current profile via pactl?

There are examples out there of how to set the card profile via pacmd or pactl (with a simple set-card-profile). But is there any analog where i can check the currently set profile?

get-card-profile does not work and generates an error, i was hoping that even though it wasn’t documented it would be there.

Asked By: v010dya


Ok, i have found the answer myself. It is somehow hidden within pacmd list-cards output. It has the section profiles:.

I do not know if it also outputs it somewhere all by itself.

Answered By: v010dya

You can run pactl list cards and see the currently selected profile under Active Profile.

Of course, you can filter the output to only show the profile information; for example, if you want to see only the currently selected profile for your bluetooth card, you can use something like

$ pactl list cards | awk -v RS='' '/bluez/' | awk -F': ' '/Active Profile/ { print $2 }'
Answered By: éclairevoyant
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