Cisco Jabber for Linux?

Some people at our company are using a so called Cisco Jabber in Windows OS to improve handling of phone calls directly at the PC instead of using the telephone anymore.

Screenshot of the used Cisco Jabber

After installation, one has to register the client to the server just with a and the corresponding password. Subsequently it is possible to search for names and numbers within the client (probably LDAP-request) and handle incoming and outgoing calls without using the hardware telephone keyboard anymore.

Is there some alternative available that works on Linux systems?

Asked By: Dave


There are many, many XMPP chat clients for Linux such as (in no particular order):





Answered By: K7AAY

Actually there is a web browser based solution that handles chat, presence and calling for Cisco UCM named Fimbur.

It supports Linux as well.

Answered By: user399719

I use the original Cisco Jabber win32 instalation with winehq 5.18

Works for audio and chat, no with video.

Answered By: Antonio J. Ortiz

You might want to try Jabber4Linux for softphone functionality with the Cisco CUCM.

Answered By: Schorschii
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